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The association of Cellular Emergency Advisory Services is a UN recognized Civil Information Society.  Its volunteers provide non-vendor information to public and private groups seeking independent analysis and assessment of personal telecommunications technologies for humanitarian benefit.


Founded in 1998, CEASa and its international chapters are principally responsible for the deployment of Cell Broadcast Short Messaging Service for public alert and warning in 19 countries and states including the US Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) service.


Additionally, CEASa has provided telecommunications network operators and public emergency management agencies guidance in establishing agreed trust protocols and best practices for the use of private mobile network assets for public benefit.


The associations are presently engaged in providing strategic programs for commercial sustainability of the Cell Broadcast technology investments in compliance with UN and GSMA resolutions.


Our Executive advisory board is comprised of internationally recognized experts in telecommunications technologies, emergency management operations, and international information institution  liaisons.


Our associates awaits your call...








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