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The Cellular Emergency Alert Services Association International Secretariat is charged by its charter to seek, define, and promote standards, best practices and objectives that will facilitate cooperation by governments, citizens-at-risk, and the personal telecommunication industry to enable a global mobile emergency warning capability.


The CEASA Cause

The Civil Emergency Alert Services Association is a UN recognized civil society of volunteers dedicated to fulfilling the role of personal telecommunications in reducing disaster risk by providing mobile populations better access to emergency alert and advisory information.


The CEASA Mission

It is the mission of the association volunteers and international societies to reduce public vulnerability to the increasing frequency and magnitude of natural and manmade disaster events through the advancement and availability of cellular functionalities that offer humanitarian benefit but lack sufficient economic return to merit commercial development.

The CEASA Objective

The Association objective is to establish and promote viable protocols and practices by which commercial mobile assets can be made available for humanitarian benefit as a revenue sustained public service obligation of commercial cellular telecommunication.

The CEASA vision

is to save lives, relieve suffering, and restore order on a worldwide scale through the improved dissemination of critical event information as an alliance of nations, authorities, and industry actors dedicated to fulfilling the humanitarian potentials of personal telecommunications.

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