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International CEASa Chapters

International Secretariat of CEASa Chapters


What is CEASa?

The Civil Emergency Alert Services association is a civil information society dedicated to providing governments, industry, and at-risk citizens better access to emergency instruction through independent evaluation of new communications options as a humanitarian act led by the volunteer efforts of industry, academic, diplomatic, and emergency management professionals in compliance with the policies expressed by the International Secretariat and the fundamental principals of our mission statement.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Civil Emergency Alert Services association and its associated chapters, to inform and demonstrate  the need, availability, and commercial sustainability of  cell broadcast short messaging service as a communications media for reducing public vulnerability to disaster events.



To promote, and establish viable trust protocols that will define the operational terms and best practices by which private communications assets and capabilities can be made available for public safety applications as a globally harmonized and economically sustainable program.



When the Honery Secretary General of the CEASassociation, Mark Wood, toured the Tsunami devastated island nation of Sri Lanka, he spoke with the citizens of the small fishing village, Ahungelle.  They told of the terror that came unannounced from the very sea, which they depend on for their livelihood. They spoke of how they are now afraid to sleep at night when the ocean can not be seen.

Hon. Sec. Wood explained his mission to Sri Lanka was to inform the Commonwealth nations assembled on the island for a Tsunami conference, that his organization had a solution that would allow the citizens to be alerted to any eminent threat from the ocean. or any where, by their mobile phones.

Their response was simple, “Thanks to your organization, we will  again sleep at night.”


It is the purpose of CEASa to put critical information about unseen threats, “in our hands,” so we can all sleep at night.



CEASa is, and shall remain, a political, economic, and technology neutral association. 


Vision of the association

It is our vision to save lives, relieve suffering, and restore order through improved communication of emergency and humanitarian information.


International Secretariat of CEASa Chapters

As a secretariat of independent chapters, the CEASassociation International secretariat is charged by its charter to seek, define, and promote standards, best practices and objectives that will allow governments, citizens-at-risk, and technology providers to cooperate in the establishment of best possible government-to-citizen public safety communications.


International Secretariat Governance

Headquarters, Geneva Switzerland


Executive Board

Director, D. D. Weiser

Head Council, David Howard

Comptroller, Douglas Horde


International Secretariat

Secretary General,                 Mark A. Wood

Chairman of the Advisory Boards, Hans Zimmerman

                Seated Advisory Boards:

                                International Policy

                                Standards Development

                Training and Certification


Enforcement of Policy

Enforcement of agreed policies adopted by CEASassociation action by the  International secretariat can only be by voluntary compliance of governments, citizens, and technology providers. 


CEASassociation certifies programs and products that are in voluntary compliance with the fundamental principals expressed by the association mission statement and agreed policies by the licensed use of the CEASassociation internationally registered trademarks.


Terms of Licensed use of the CellAlert registered trademark.


By action of the International Secretariat the fifteen performance criteria of use of the CellAlert trademark to certify a product of service offered is in compliance are:


1.   Must be Intrusive,

2.   Must be Recognized,

3.   Only Used for Managing Emergency Events;

4.   Utilize Existing Infrastructure,

5.   Be Able to Selectively Target ‘At-Risk’ Groups,

6.   Clearly Identify the Nature of the Event,

7.   Provide Meaningful Information

8.   Be Origin Authenticatable

9.   Guarantee timely Delivery to an Unlimited Number of Devices,

10. Operate Harmoniously,

11. Be Multilingual,

12. Require no Recipient Identification,

13. Require no Recipient Setup,

14. Have No Direct Cost to Recipients,

15. Be Sustainable.




Source of Operational Revenues



                Trademark License

                Promotional Programs

                Certification and Training Programs



Chapter Formation Procedure

CEASa is actively expanding its volunteer chapters.  The procedure for the formation of a national CEASa Chapters is as follows;


A nominee’s name may be petitioned for consideration by the International Secretariat through the International Society Chairman, Hans Zimmerman.


Upon unanimous approval of the International Secretariat, the nominee will be granted the position of Acting Secretary of an Interim Ad Hoc CEASa Chapter.


The Acting Secretary will be a participant in the International Secretariat, but will refrain from polling.


It shall be the Acting secretary’s duty to form an Interim Advisory Board of no less than five members representing; Government, Citizen and Industry.  The Interim Board shall be pledged to uphold the mission and objectives of the International Society, and establish the policy positions of the chapter. 


The Interim Board shall then be charged with presenting to the chapter’s membership role nominees for a permanent board within one year of the Interim Chapters formation. 


Submission of a Permanent Advisory Board, having the approval of the chapter’s registered membership, submitted to the International Secretariat for recognition, along with a formal pledge to uphold the mission of the association will complete the procedure for the formation of a permanent CEASa Chapter. 


As a recognized CEASa Chapter, the chapter Secretary will be granted full participation in the International Secretariat.


CEASa Membership Guidelines

Funding Allocation & Participation Levels


Memberships are granted for a designated national/regional chapter.  All National Memberships levels include membership in the CEASa International Federation.


All CEASa membership income after administrative costs will be shared on the following basis: 80% of the income will be allocated to the national/regional CEASa chapter originating the membership.


20% of the income will be allocated to the CEASa International to be held for use in interest free loans to local chapters for extraordinary events. It is expected that the local chapter will repay CEASa International as funds become available locally.

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