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“Early Warning for all” Early Warning initiative for the Implementation of Climate Adaptation 


On 23 March 2022, The UN Secretary General, his Excellency António Guterres said: “Early Warnings and actions save lives. To that end, Today I announce the United Nations will spearhead new action to ensure every person on earth is protected by early warning systems within five years. I have asked the World Meteorological Organization to lead this effort and to present and action plan at the next UN Climate conference later this year in Egypt.


At the United Nations Framework Convention  COP27 conference he went on to endorse the international “Early Warnings for All”, EW4A, Plan, saying; “The facts are clear Early warnings save lives and deliver vast financial benefits. Conlorance Of  Parties 27 is the COP for implementation.  Now is the time to implement Early Warnings for All. I urge all governments, financial institutions, and civil society to endorse this effort”.


UPSEN is a standardized international cellular broadcast messaging platform able to deliver cross-border emergency information as a contribution towards the goal of ‘Dissemination and Communication' by “leverage of private sector communications platforms to enhance warning dissemination”, as defined in the EW4A executive action plan. 


The UPSEN model is a "cost cutting enabler”, which particularly benefits Least Developed Countries (LDC) and Small Island developing states (SIDS)fulfilling the goals of Pillar 3, “Warning dissemination and communication” Action track 2, “Develop an investment model to establish a basic mobile EWS” and “all countries to have basic mobile Early Warning Service and strengthened communications channels by 2027027.

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